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    FTP upload file > continue editing bug?

    Jim Blevins

      Working on a file in code view.


      Hit cmd+s to save


      Hit shift+cmd+u to upload changes


      Once uploaded, code view of file is deselected. If I click once, the cursor shows up, but anything I type doesn't affect any change in the code. In order to continue editing the file, I have to click again on the code and then the cursor begins blinking and I can edit my code.  This also occurs if I select a portion of the code.  It will highlight, but I cannot edit it until it has been clicked on again.


      This interrupts my workflow because I'm very used to clicking once to begin editing a file and at times I'll quickly notice a change, click once and begin trying to delete the code at the cursor, or some code I've selected. This brings up a prompt asking if I want to delete the selected file in the files window, or it will inform me that I cannot delete the root folder of my site.  This is disconcerting, even to someone like me who creates backups before they start making edits.


      I also verified that this only occurs in code view, in design view,  I only have to click once to return to editing.


      Specs -
      macbook pro unibody
      Intel dual core i5 2.53mhz
      4 GB of ram
      latest update of dreamweaver CS6 ( 12.1 build 5949 )
      it's a creative cloud version if that makes any difference