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    Font change between ID documents


      Hi all. I'm trying to copy text between two CS3 documents, the problem is that it changes to Times. I have tried changing the styles of both documents so that they don't have the Times font in them. I also tried changing the changing of default font without any document open. Both doesn't work. But when I do create a new document, everything is copied properly.


      In another discussion here with the same problem, a member posted this:

      However, I've found a nice simple solution that I should've tried in the first place. Now that I've set the defaults to what I want them to be and tested this with a new document (as mentioned in original post), it was simply a matter of doing a Save As to get those changes to apply to my existing document.


      English is not my native language so I can't quite get what he said. What did he mean with his Saving As? Did he create a new document after setting the default font to his desired and then saving that document, because I've tried that too and didn't work?