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    can I do client side (caching) of coldfusion tags or images?

    sankalpah Level 1
      1. I have lot of images which are used almost on every page on website. Can I program to have browser cache those images or does browser does it by itself?

      2. Also I have a tag which merely displays fancy border around it's contents. This tag is used multiple times on same page & is used on different pages also. How can i cache it on client side?

      Any other suggestions to increase speed of my site for above two situations?

      Thank you.
        • 1. can I do client side (caching) of coldfusion tags or images?
          SafariTECH Level 1
          CF is only processed on the server (server-side) - what your user gets in the browser is straight HTML or other potential client-side technologies (like JS etc)

          Therefore, unless you specify for the browser not to cache images or content, the browser will manage that on its own.

          If you have pages that contain dynamic content based on queries, you can specify a cache timeout for the query so it does not keep re-checking the data server, which will speed things up.

          If you run your own server and have control over CF Admin and you only operate a single website where pages never change much, you can also cache templates; however that can be problematic if you want certain pages to update with new dynamic content regulalry - so most people have template caching turned off.