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    XML help removing the tags

    john_tracy Level 1
      Here's the actionscript and sample XML which is working just fine with the exception being all my XML tags are displaying in the dynamic text fields and the images aren't loading because it can't find <image>images/this.jpg</image>

      Any assist will be rewarded in the after life.

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          john_tracy Level 1
          I found the answer. I was missing the firstChild reference at the end of each call.
          myText.text = xmlDoc_xml.firstChild.childNodes[n].firstChild.firstChild;
          btQ.loc.text = xmlDoc_xml.firstChild.childNodes[n].firstChild.nextSibling.firstChild;
          btQ.myLoader.load(xmlDoc_xml.firstChild.childNodes[n].firstChild.nextSibling.nextSibling. firstChild);