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    Unwanted page breaks in RH9

    MarionJD Level 1

      I have an urgent problem that the client has just uncovered.


      Our pages in RH9 consist of some buttons at the top in a one-row table, including one for Print this Page - javascript:window.print() - then a title in Heading 1 style, then another table containing the steps.


      This particular client has very long, detailed instructions, so the table runs over one page.  The pages are printing out with a page break above and below the heading.  There is nothing in the Heading 1 style that would lead to this, and it doesn't show up in the preview, just in the published version.


      I looked into the default setting of "page-break-inside: avoid;" which seems to be used in every row of the table.  Could this be the source of the problem?


      Does anyone have any suggestions?  Please?  Please?