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    changing field values on ipad



      I've been reading about the poor support for Javascript in "PDF Expert" on iPad. In spite of that - I'm trying to use LiveCycle Designer ES2 & Javascript to create a form that has two drop downs and a text field. Based on the values chosen in the two drop downs, the corresponding text field value will be set.


      dd1 dd2 ----> txtfld

      --- ----- - ----

      A B 1

      C D 2

      A D 3

      C B 4



      So far, I've written the initialization script that will populate a global 3-dimensional array with all of my values, and will populate my two dropdowns. This works great in PDF Expert in the ipad. Yay!


      The problem is setting the text field value after the user makes a choice. Initially I put code in dd1.change and dd2.change that set the txtfld.rawValue. It worked on PC, not on iPad.


      Then I read that setting Field.value is not supported on iPad, so I moved the logic to the txtfld.calculate event script so I could set event.value instead. Again, worked on PC, not in iPad.


      I'm reading that docObject.calculate is supported in iPad, but I don't see field.calculate. Could this be the problem? Has anyone been able to set a field value based on user actions in "PDF Expert"?


      Even when I ignore all of my array logic, and just try to set the txtfld to a simple string, I cannot get it to work on the iPad.



      form1.#pageSet[0].Page1.txtfld::calculate - (JavaScript, client)
      event.value = "44";



      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am new to this...just trying to piece things together, learning by Googling. I know Javascript, but nothing about AcroForms or FormCalc.  I'm assuming that I have to use LiveCycle because of the complex array/dropdown logic. 





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          OK.  I guess you really can't use LiveCycle for this.  Here's the response I received from PDF Expert Support:


          Thank you for contacting us. PDF Expert doesn't support calculations in static Adobe LiveCycle forms, it supports JavaScript in Adobe Acrobat Pro forms.
          You can find all supported JavaScript here http://helpspot.readdle.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=66.

          To create an Acrobat form please launch Adobe Acrobat Pro and select Create PDF Form or Online Form. After that you will be prompted to select a document, please select a clear document (not a LiveCycle form).