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    Authorization problem + wrong ID


      I've used ADE on my laptop, but it crashed recently, and I've been using a different computer since then. Today I installed ADE on the new computer, and authorized it with an e-mail address I always use. However, I quickly realized that that was not the same e-mail address I had used as my ID when I was using ADE on my laptop, and now I can't access the book I need to read. I can't click on the Authorize button in the Help section, because I've used a new e-mail address on a new computer.

      Anyone know how to handle this situation? I'd like to get on with my school reading as soon as possible, but obviosly having made that stupid mistake is slowing down the process!

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          Jim_Lester Level 4

          In ADE, pressing, Ctrl-Shift-D (Win), Cmd-Shift-D (Mac)  will bring up a deauthorization dialog that will allow you to remove the current authorization and then on restart (1.7) allow you to enter in your old credentials.

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            I have the same problem, but Ctrl-shift-D does not do anything.  Other options?

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              Jim_Lester Level 4

              If you are using 2.0, you will need to be in the library view with no dialogs up, for ctrl(cmd) shift D to work.

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                Hi Jim, I have a similar problem, I have Digital Edition on my laptop (windows) I bought and downloaded a book from an on-line supplier (Kalahari.com) I wanted to transfer the book to my ASUS transformer tablet which has adobe installed.  I also installed their ebook reader app and have been told that I have set up multi id's.  I am unable to autherise my ebook to redownload.  I was told that I could have the multi id's consolidated?

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                  Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                  This isn't an unusual problem.  But there are pieces of it that seem

                  different from other situations.


                  When you went to Kalahari.com, and downloaded the ebook, did you have to

                  log into Kalahari.com?  If you did, then there's a chance that they

                  assigned your login ID to the file you downloaded.  If it was the same as

                  your Digital Editions ID, then all would be well.  If not, then DE sees you

                  downloaded the ebook under a different ID and won't let you access it.


                  I think you may misunderstand something.  Adobe software cannot be

                  installed on an ASUS tablet.  It's written only for Windows or Mac

                  computers.  And that's why ASUS has an ereader application.  It will read

                  the epub formats, and maybe pdf also - I don't know - but it won't

                  interface directly with Adobe Digital Editions.  You have to use a separate

                  piece of software to transfer the ebook from Digital Editions to your ASUS

                  tablet, and then use their ereader software to work with the file.

                  When you activated the ASUS tablet and registered it with ASUS, did you use

                  your Adobe ID or another one?  If you used another one, then the ASUS

                  tablet will see more than one ID when it looks at the ebook/ereader

                  software and the ID of the tablet.  This can cause problems, and may be the

                  reason you're being told you have multiple ID's.



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                    wildcoast357 Level 1

                    When I go to Kalahari.com and download the ebook, yes I have to log into Kalahari.com to be able download.




                    I have Digital Edition on my laptop and Adobe Reader on my ASUS tab.  I downloaded the ebooks


                    onto my laptop and tried to transfer them onto my tab, the Adobe Reader said that it could not view


                    the ebooks as there are features that are not supported by it (.drm, .epub).  My laptop (DE) can view the


                    ebooks without a problem.




                    I then downloaded the ebook reader app from Kalahari.com and tried to download direct from them.


                    I log in fine but when I try to download it says that the application is authorised to my markw@jwse.co.za


                    Adobe ID and that this was originally downloaded with a different user account or Adobe ID.




                    My tab is Google based and the app was downloaded threw the app store.




                    When registering my Tab with ASUS, I would have used my Google account to register it with, but I have


                    tried my Google user name and password and it does not work either.




                    I have emailed Kalahari.com and am waiting on a response from them also as to what the problem could be.










                    Mark Weaver




                    083 460 7377


                    Tel: 043-726 5062


                    Fax: 043-726 4452

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                      Frustrated in AZ Level 4

                      I just picked up on something you said below: "...the Adobe Reader...".

                      Adobe Reader is a .pdf-based series of programs that let you create,

                      manipulate and read .pdf files.  It does not support epubs and has no DRM

                      support.  You have to use Adobe Digital Editions to do that (it's a

                      completely different program), and I'm wondering: are you trying to use

                      Adobe Reader instead?


                      Let's work on that part first, then go back to Kalahari.com and your issues.



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                        My problem is much the same. when i authorized my pc laptop it worked. when i checked the authorization info it was an email address i have never heard of. I continued anyways. went to authorize my iMac. It wouldn't authorize. I found out from help my time settings may be wrong. So when ADE tries to download a file from the library it cannot. The imac won"t remeber changes to the time and date so when i change them it won't save. That is another issue i would like solved . On with this issue. I was able to change the time to a fake time, leave it open and authorize the computer. It worked with the right email address i typed in. Back to the laptop pc i went , used your advice of control shoft d and reauthorized it. IT worked! thankyou!  Now the original library book loaded to the pc won't show up on the imac. both loged in with the same id.  Not sure what is happening now. Maybe need to re download the library book on the re authorized computer?  Thx