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    Shooting basketball with a camera and then pausing while recording

    famerdave Level 1

      I would like to be able to Pause/Rewind while continuing to record, so I can show the coaches of the team the video, while the players are still playing. Is there something in Adobe Premier that will allow you to do this, or will I need to buy a PVR or something?

      We currently are looking to buying a new camcorder, and getting the entire setup created. Basically we want to be able to record all of our games straight to a computer via a capture card or direct Firewire out of the camera, and then be able to Pause/Rewind/Scrub through the video, but when we are pausing and scrubbing, we still need to be able to catch back up to "Real Time", basically like a DVR in a TV.

      Is there another software that may can do this better? I just need this done before Basketball season in 2 weeks.




      David Faircloth