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    error creating swf movie file?


      This seems to be happening on and off over the past week. I'm using CS5 and  When I go to publish a file I get this error



      "Error creating SWF movie file


      Be sure the destination file is not read only or opened by another application.

      Also, check that the file name is not too long"


      The file name is 9 characters long so I don't imagine that would be causing the issue

      The file is definitely not read-only, nor opened by another application, I've tried even to delete the file so it definitely can't be opened by something.

      I have tried exporting as a completely different name - in the event that another program is using the existing file and that doesn't work either.


      It seems to be happening to just about every fla file (even new ones), I get one publish which will work then the rest error, the only thing that seems to help is to keep attempting and eventually it will publish properly, this is starting to really bug me so if anyone knows a fix that would be great!