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    How to rotate a rectangle around centroid in flex 3


      I am using matrix.rotate method to rotate the rectangle (box in my case). My rotate event looks like below:


      public function transformObject(transformEvent:TransformEvent):void{

              var numChildrn:int = _markedObjectLayer.numChildren;
      var tempMatrix: Matrix = null;
      var tempx:Number;
      var tempy:Number;
      for(var i:int = 0; i < numChildrn; i++){
      var chld:MarkedObject = UIComponent.getChildAt(i) MarkedObject
      if (chld.selected){
      var  height:int = (BoxObject) chld.height;
      var  width:int = (BoxObject) chld.width;

      = chld.transform.matrix;


                                      tempx = chld.x;

                                    tempy= chld.y ;

      = MatrixTransformer.transform(tempMatrix,transformEvent.angle);


      .transform.matrix = tempMatrix;


      The Matrix.transform method calls matrix.rotate method

      public static function transform(sourceMatrix:Matrix, rotation:Number=0 ):Matrix {

              sourceMatrix = MatrixTransformer.rotate(sourceMatrix, rotation, "degrees");

      return sourceMatrix;

           * Rotates a matrix and returns the result. The unit parameter lets the user specify "degrees",
           * "gradients", or "radians".

      public static function rotate(sourceMatrix:Matrix, angle:Number, unit:String = "radians"):Matrix {
      if (unit == "degrees")
      = Math.PI * 2 *( angle / 360);

      . rotate(angle)
      return sourceMatrix;

      The issue is that x and y are left corener of the box and hence it is rotating around left corner. However, if I try to give temp.x and temp.y as centroid value it does not rotate around centroid?

      I would really appreciate if someone can tell me what am I doing wrong here

      Thanks Akshay

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          avdave Level 1

          Figured it out:


            Use following code:


          tempMatrix = chld.transform.matrix;

          tempx = chld.x + widht/2;

          tempy= chld.y +height/2 ;


          //the important step is to translate the code to appropriate position before and after rotation

              tempMatrix = MatrixTransformer.transform(tempMatrix,transformEvent.angle);



          chld.transform.matrix = tempMatrix;