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    manipulate keyframe for make FPS free



      I have a question with frame rate mix.

      Get a 16FPS composition, 8FPS and 16FPS both in this compostion.
      Use this compostion to make animation.


      In this case, If want take 8FPS footage to key-frame animation,  footage itself can't right to key-frame animation frame.


      Have way for manipulate keyframe to make FPS free?  forexample plugins, expressions....


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          Your posts are so difficult to unriddle, Li, but let's try this. Have you considered using Layer --> Time --> Time Stretch to douple the framerate of your 8FPS layer and make it compliant to the rest of your 16FPS comp? If not, that would be the first place to start. Similarly, you might use Time-remapping to same effect. If you need to quantize motion, the Posterize Time effect applied to your layers/ pre-comps might do the trick and for any specific keyframable property you can use the posterizeTime() expression method. If that doesn't solve your problem, perhaps you can provide a better explanation or a screenshot telling us what you want to do.



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            Thank you for giving me so many suggestions.

            I will give it a try.