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    problem with vertical alignment in table

    NandaDevi Level 1



      I had to add a few new characters to a font and when I opened my document and updated the font, my table rows appeared differently. It's exactly the same font, and all the cell settings are the same, still, in the first row, the text sticks to the bottom of the cell instead of being centrally aligned and because of this, the cell became higher/bigger. So, in the cell options the settings are still central at vertical alignment, but in my document it's at the bottom. Because of this, the last row disappeared from the table not having enough space.

      Can anyone think of a solution? I can't force the text to align properly.


      thanks in advance!



      ok, I realized that it has do to something with the first baseline option and not the vertical alignment. If I make the cell bigger, I see that it is vertically in the center, but the first baseline offset is set to ascent.

      Is it possible that my font somehow changed its ascent size?