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    How to export a flash project with a changing frame rate to a video


      I have a Flash project that is a series of roughly 1000 images.  The result of the images is a simple animation, and there is music imported on a separate layer.


      There are moments in the music that I wanted to line up with certain frame changes, and there are sections of the music that I wanted to match up with a faster (double-time) frame rate.


      I used this code in several places in the a code layer:

      stage.frameRate = x;


      The result is exactly what I want in SWF -- the animation speeds up and slows down at the exact right moments to match up with the music track, but it seems like it's just not possible to export this variable frame rate project to a video file?


      According to the accepted answer on this post: http://forums.adobe.com/message/4019538, it seems that:

      The export function in Flash Pro doesn't transcribe *frames*, rather it plays the Flash animation and records it like a camcorder

      If that's true, then I would think there is a way to record a variable frame rate project into a video -- does anybody know if this is possible?