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    Applications in a browser and on the desktop

      Hi, I have just started this week to build applications using Flash CS3 and Air. Really good news for me. This is the missing piece of the puzzle I needed, thank you Adobe I just hope that Microsoft don't do the IE block on this (as if they would).

      Anyway I have several applications I want to build for my work collegues (we create e-Learning in Flash) as time saving tools (mainly batch writing and editing XML docs) and a standalone application I can see will do this fine, even over the web.

      What I want to do is host the same applications inside browsers so thay can be used remotely i.e. the same XML files are created on the main network in a specified directory but the application is being run inside a browser window in another part of the world.

      I can create stand alone applications. I just can't seem to find the documentation for creating the same applications in a browser.

      Thanks in advance...