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    Trying to make a checklist form


      I'm making a clickable checklist form with Acrobat XI and I can't seem to make the clickable box go further than 332 pixels (I'm guessing pixels, but 332 something or other).  This lands the checkmark box squarely in the middle of the page.  I would like it on the right hand side so more words will fit on one line to the left of the box. 


      Am I missing something or is 332 the max allowed from the left on checklist forms?

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          jcanepa Adobe Employee



          You are correct in pointing out that the checkbox can go no farther right than the middle of the page.  A work around that I have used is to create a Likert with only one column.  You can then resize the row labels to be almost the width of the page. 


          -Jeff Canepa