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    Liquify Issues in CS6 - Please help!

    NLang930 Level 1

      Thanks for reading.

      I'm using newly purchased Photoshop CS6 Extended, version 13.0 on a Mac OSX v10.6.8. When attempting to use the Forward Warp Tool on a somewhat low-res JPEG photo in Liquify, it seems to behave similarly to the Bloat Tool. Much to my frustration, when I click and drag, pixels seem to "bloat" continuously from the center, leaving odd circular formations and jagged edges, rather than softly smearing in the direction I'm dragging, as intended. The outcome of my strokes is completely unpredictable. No adjustments to brush settings seem to be fixing the issue. Can anyone help me?


      I have used Liquify many times in the past, in CS5 and earlier versions, and haven't run into this problem until now. Even when editing lower resolution images, the Forward Warp Tool has never created this kind of ugly and useless effect. That being said, I'm a novice and have never really messed with any of the settings before aside from brush size. So, I don't know if my settings in CS6 are just screwed up somehow, or if it's a software issue.


      I greatly appreciate any advice you may have to offer!


      Please let me know if you need any more information in order to answer my question.