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    what is  Adobe Edge Animator


      I am having many issues with photoshop cs6  as well as lightroom 4.2.  one PS app crash report from photoshop said ( according to the lightroom forum help)  'The dynamic link library faulted in your earlier post belongs to Adobe Edge Animator'.

      I have no idea what this is.. does it ship with cs6?

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          The rest of your post isn't really making much sense. It's vague nad kinda confusing since Edge doesn't have anything to do with the CS products. Also you provide no system info.



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            sorry.. I guess I am too frustrated.  I have been having CS6 problems plus lightroom 4.2 problems.  CS6 has been crashing while I am working.  I am using a wacom intuos 3 tablet. New drivers have not been issued since august.

            I am trying to document errors , and am trying to deal with this., 


            computer is an i7 windows 64 bit-- 3.5GHZ- 32 gigs ram.. 7800 series ATI graphics..


            someone on the lightroom forum posted that question about 'did I have the adobe edge animator' becasue they saw that listed in an error report that I posted . I think the error reports were from lightroom, but I dont see how this can be part of photoshop or lightroom for that matter. ( unless lightrooms web module has something to do with it. ( Ive never used that)


            sooooo I am asking if that is part of CS6, which you answered.

            I dont know how to post my snagits here.