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    Automation_agent and qtp_air resource bundles not found!

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      i'm trying to add the automation libraries to my project so we can automate our testing. I've added this to the additional compiler settings:

      -include-libraries+="${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automatio n/automation_agent.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_dmv.swc","${flexlib}/libs/a utomation/automation_spark.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automation/automation_air.swc","${flexlib }/libs/automation/automation_airspark.swc","${flexlib}/libs/automation/qtp_air.swc"


      and -locale nl_BE fr_BE


      After compiling this I get 2 errors:

      Unable to resolve resource bundle "automation_agent".a327-shellUnknownFlex Problem
      Unable to resolve resource bundle "qtp_air".a327-shellUnknownFlex Problem


      However, in my nl_BE and fr_BE folders under flex_sdk\frameworks\locale\ the automation_agent_rb.swc and qtp_air_rb.swc are present.


      Can somebody explain to me why Flash Builder can't find these resource bundles?


      If I switch to en_US, it works fine.