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    Component Deletion


      I currently have an issue where a component on a page is being referenced by other components throughout the site. When that component gets deleted, it causes reference errors for the other components that are referencing it. Is there a way to identity all of the components that are referencing the component that is trying to be deleted before the component is actually deleted? Or is there a way to delete a component and all other components that reference that component in one action?

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          rush_pawan Level 4

          As i understood from above description that you have instantiated a component on page and referring same instance on other pages (compoents) using "referece" component. If that is correct then below query will help you to identify all the pages/compoents if they are referring it any how. Can you run below query if it helps you to find out all the reference. provide the value in < >


          http://<host>:<port>/bin/querybuilder.json?type=nt:unstructured&1_property=sling:resourceType&1_p roperty.value=<component resoure path>


          you can create similar xpath query and use it for your purpose.

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            ZackTurnbow Level 1

            That worked. Thank you.