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    Select from different forms and close form after "Flattening"


      Using Workbench ES3


      I have 2 processes:


      The first renders an interactive form for the user to fill out.


      Once they click on the 'Submit' button, the form is sent to the second process where it is flattened into a non-interactive form.


      I have 2 problems:


      1. 1.) I cannot figure out how to be able to send in different forms to the process. For example, I may have 3 forms - "R.pdf", "S.pdf", and "T.pdf" and I need to choose which of the 3 I am going to fill out and flatten. Right now, it works with a hard-coded form as input.


      1. 2.) Once I fill out the interactive form with my data and click the 'Submit' button, the interactive form stays open and the non-interactive form opens in a new instance of Acrobat. I need the interactive PDF to close as the non-interactive PDF opens.


      Any ideas how I can accomplish these 2 things?


      Thanks In Advance,


      Bob Mathis