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    Error in "tempInit" when upgrading Flash MX AS2 FLA to Flash CS6 AS3 FLA


      I experienced a compiler error in "tempInit" when upgrading an AS2 project to AS3.  "tempInit" is something internal to Flash Authoring, because it doesn't exist in my project and other people have gotten the same error.


      I've read about this problem, and everyone thought it was because of an instance with a bad name, such as one that includes spaces or equals a keyword or something like that, and people have shot down the idea that the problem is with the library symbol, but I'm convinced now that it's a corrupted library symbol.  Here's why:


      I had 8 instances of a particular movie clip on stage, each on a different frame.


      When I deleted the symbol from the library, the compiler error went away (but so did my stage instances).  So that simply tells me that the problem is with that particular clip (I originally had to delete each clip in my library one at a time and recompile to determine the offending clip), but that obviously didn't rule out the name problem since the stage instances get removed when I deleted the corresponding library symbol.  Still, I knew it couldn't be a name problem, because all instances had a valid name "mainidea".


      I ruled out the name problem by creating a new library symbol identical to the first (it's just a few text fields with a rectangle drawn around them).  Without changing the names of the existing instances on stage, I used the "swap" button to swap in the new library symbol.  The use count on the old one dropped to zero, and the use count on the new one went up to 8.  The compiler error was gone, and it only went away once the use count for the old symbol was zero.


      The old and new library symbols are identical as far as I can see.  Same child objects at the same positions, same textfield content, same child instance names, no ActionScript code, etc.  Since there was no discernible difference, I came to the conclusion that the original library symbols had somehow been corrupted under the hood, somewhere in the pipeline between opening an old Flash MX file and setting the flash player version to 11.4 and selecting AS3 as the script language.  Somewhere in that process, the Flash Authoring environment screwed something up.  Does anyone know anything about this problem?


      I have hundreds of files I need to upgrade, and that symbol was copied to each of them as they were created years ago, and I think I'm going to experience this problem with all of them.  It's time-consuming to duplicate the old symbol and replace all the instances for every single file, so I'm trying to find the source of the problem and a workaround to avoid it.