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    Android 4 Problem - StageWebView cutting off button on same View

    Jon Stout

      So I'm trying to pull off something similar to the example here: http://cookbooks.adobe.com/post_Create_a_basic_web_browser_with_StageWebView-18850.html . Basically, a native browser view with a few Flex controls over top. Problem is, I've been running into a lot of display problems on Android 4 devices specifically. As far as I can tell, the StageWebView seems to be preventing the button overhead from being rendered in part or *at all* - as in, the button doesn't show up at all. It's just black.


      See for yourselves. Here's a screenshot (the test page has a yellow background):


      If I touch the screen or the web view, the button will (usually) abruptly show up above the page, where it's supposed to be:


      Anyone else seen anything like this before? Any ideas what it could be? Or what could be a fix? Project is being developed in Flash Builder 4.6 with the 4.6 SDK. Screenshots are from a Google Nexus 7 tablet (Android version 4.1.2, Adobe AIR version