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    Can't install CFBuilder 2 as a plugin on Mac 10.8

    Jonathan Arp Level 1

      Ok here is the dealio...


      Trying to install CFB as a plugin and I get the "you must uninstall coldfusion builder plugins before installing plugin" after clicking install as an eclipse plugin.


      I've read through all the reinistializing your workspace and such.


      I've deleted all remnants of CFB from the Applications folder, from my Documents folder, run ./eclipse -clean and everything else I can think of. Still no go.


      This is driving me crazy.


      I went ahead and installed it as a stand alone, but couldn't get mxunit to work. argh!

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          krishnapreddy_adobe Level 2

          You should have uninstalled rather than simply deleting CFB 2 plugins manually .


          Please do the following  to fix it now. (If you have used Uninstaller to uninstall that would have cleaned all these things ):

          Take a backup and delete the file: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Uninstall/{b8c666c3-1efd-11b2-bf3c-e04be4b2b610}.db

          And you will be able to install CFB as plugin to Eclipse now.