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    Photoshop File error in Premiere Pro CS6 (PSD)




      We are currently struggling with one install of Production Premium CS6. We have installed the Suite on multiple computers in our editting studio without incident. On one computer we are having problems with PSD files. Originally, Photoshop wouldn't even open on the machine... which in turn was fixed by running as administrator and changing the scratch disk (a band-aid I'm not too sure i like). When photoshop finally did open, we were able to open PSD files to edit accordingly. Upon open of Premiere Pro projects containing PSD files, the files show up off line and cannot be linked with import error. A clean project cannot import PSD files due to same error (importer recorded a generic error).


      This is not occuring on other installs of Production Premium 6. I have seen spatterings around the web reporting permissions issues, but I'm not sure what or how that would affect this.


      Any thoughts?


      -Dan Harris.