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    Overlapping symbols - advice from a clever person needed!


      Hello clever Edge people!


      I have a map I have developed in Edge.


      When veiwed (check out the attached jpeg: map1) the user can hover over the roads highlighted to reveal distances and travel times between to points etc. This all works fine.


      The user can also use the magnify symbol to enlarge that part of the map. A close up version of the map (a new symbol ) appears on click of the magnify symbol. This too works fine. See the attached jpeg: map 3.


      My problem!


      I have the close up map as a symbol as the top layer (so it appears above the roads etc). But because it is on top, even when that insert map is not visible (ie. maginify symbol has not been clicked) the FRAME of that map means that the interactive layers beneath (ie. the roads) can not be accessed because the frame is in the way as the top layer. See attached jpeg: map2. You can see the frame of the close up map. In the broswer, I can not access anything under that frame.


      I hope I have explained this okay. And I really hope there is someone more clever than me who can help me out!


      Thnking you very much in advance!


      Lisa in New Zealand