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    Ram preview green line goes away when changing zoom level

    jumpymonkey9 Level 1

      I did a ram preview of my project, about 12 seconds long.  Everything looks good until I want to zoom in or out on the comp, then the green line disappears and I have to render it over again.  I don't remember AE doing this before.  If I zoom to say 25% and render part of the comp, then zoom to 50%, that part with the green line is gone.  I can render a different segment of the comp while in 50% and switch back to 25%, and the green line from when I rendered at 25% is back.  I've turned off adaptive resolution in the fast preview options, and I turned off the disk cache.  Is this a bug or just the way AE works now?  I'm using CS6 version 11.0.2 on Win7.