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    Airbrush CS6? Tutorials?

    FauxtoGuy Level 1

      User guide states: "Customize Brush Tip Shape options like Granularity, Spatter, Hardness, and Distortion controls. With a stylus, alter the spread of sprayed strokes by changing pen pressure."



      I see the settings for controlling ganularity, distortion, spatter, etc., and the stylus tilt angle seems to control "distortion".


      The cursor "spray" outline seems to change shape as when the stylus hovers over the tablet. But there appears to be less control when stylus contacts tablet.



      I used traditional airbrushes for years. There are some interesting emulations here, but a better description, or tutorial of controls would be helpful. I'm sure I'll find some on youtube, but better adobe guidance/tutorial support would be appreciated.


      The 300 pixel limitation is disappointing.