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    XML Post from Crystal Xcelcius

      I am needing to parse an XML post from Crystal Xcelcius with CF. Xcelsius sends the data as a form post, but CF doesn't see the form variable(s). Below is the XML (a sample) and code in VB that works to handle the post. I need to accomplosh the same thing with CF. Can you help me translate this to CF? Again, CF just doesn't see the form variable(s), so I am dead in the water.

      I have tried referencing the post with the following variables: #form.data#, #form.PriceTable#, #PriceTable#, etc. CF doesn't see any of these as existing.

      Here's the XML:

      XML data sent: <data><variable name="PriceTable"><row><column>undefined</column><column>North</column><column>South</col umn><column>East</column><column>West</column></row><row><column>Wholesale</column><column >10</column><column>20</column><column>25</column><column>22.5</column></row><row><column> Markup</column><column>1</column><column>2</column><column>2.5</column><column>2.25</colum n></row><row><column>Retail</column><column>11</column><column>22</column><column>27.5</co lumn><column>24.75</column></row><row><column>Units Sold</column><column>20</column><column>30</column><column>40</column><column>50</column> </row></variable></data>

      Here's the first part of the VB that works just fine...

      'Get XML that was send from SWF file
      Dim sXMLString

      dim item as String
      For Each item In Request.Form
      'Response.Write(item & " = " & Request.Form(item) & VbCrLf)
      sXMLString = sXMLString & item & " = " & Request.Form(item)