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    Data Transfer

    John McConchie

      I would love to be able to consider using Acrobat Forms and FormsCentral as a means of collecting survey information to be passed to an expert system for processing.  I just don't know enough about data transfer to fully investigate this possibility.  Here is what the Exsys Corvid manual says about the program and how it can reach data at start-up.  PDF forms would be such a terrific way to collect the initiating data.  The manual says:


      15.12 Passing Data at Servlet Runtime Startup

      Initial data can be passed to the Corvid Servlet Runtime when it is started using a URL. The normal link to

      start the Corvid Servlet Runtime is:


      Data can be passed to Corvid by adding it to the end of the URL. The format is:


      where “VarName” is the name of the Corvid variable to assign the value to and “value” is the value to assign

      to it. If the value includes any characters that need URL encoding, they must be encoded (This includes

      spaces and other special characters). The data assignment is separated from the KBNAME string by "&". If

      there are multiple items of data to assign, they should be separated by "&", without any spaces.

      For example, to pass the value of variables [X] and [Y] at startup:


      Static List variables can be assigned the number of a value or the short text of the value.

      This ability to pass data at startup allows integration of the Corvid Servlet Runtime with other pages on a site.

      Those pages could be used to ask questions with a form, or interface to content management or

      personalization software, which could provide the information to the expert system.

      If a form external to Corvid is used to start the system, it should use the GET method to pass the data as part

      of the URL.


      Thanks for any help you can give me.