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    4K output capable video card - NVIDIA or AMD

    Ola_1974. Level 1



      I might get to “borrow” a high end new 4K TV from one of the big TV producers, to finish a 4K I am working on.


      There seem to be different opinions about  which card can output 4K (3840x2160), as of now it seem only the AMD Radeon 7970 is capable, which is too bad

      Since I want NVIDIDA card due to editing/cuda cores in Adobe AE/PP CS6.


      I while I was searching for info about a video card which is capable of outputting 4K to a 4K TV, I came across this information from NVIDIA:




      It clearly says 4096 (4K) capable, but is this only in theory?


      What do you think about 4K on NVIDIA cards? Will it happen anytime soon? Or do I need one from AMD for output, and one from NVIDA for editing/rendering, the way it is today?