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    Warning: "not enough memory to create shadow map vertice"




      First of all I am not too technically minded and not a great expert at after effects so keep this in mind when answering


      I will post as much info to give a comprehensive idea of my setup and issue.


      What I am basically asking is if I have after effects setup correctly for the spec I am running to achieve maximum benefit and performance?

      And Is this perhaps a project composition error?



      I have an after effects project that fails about 2.5 hours into rendering with this warning:

      After effects warning.png


      Now just a bit of background. I had 4gb and have upgraded to 8gb. The reason I upgraded was due to this error however I still have same issue (to be honest I dont see any improvement with ram previews etc).


      This is my current PC spec:

      PC spec.png

      I have changed virtual memory to double the RAM which I believe is what is recommended?

      virtual memory.png

      Now this is what after effects looks like on start up: Should it not utalise the 8gb?

      after effects startup.png

      When rendering it also just says using 4gb also:

      after effects render.png

      Here are my multi processing and memory settings:

      processing settings.png


      I hope this is detailed enough for someone to troubleshoot and help me out.


      Kind Regards,