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    Missing Clips while importing...


      Ok im using Sony ex1 for recoding and premiere pro cs5.5 for editing. when i import clips from folder to timeline premiere skips some of the clips or overright them with a different one, resulting in some of the clips not being imported. If i import the missing clip one by one it overwrights the video with a different clip.  for example there two 2 clips one called 845_4831_01 and the other is 845_4831_02, the second clip will be overwritten by the first one... or premiere will not recogknise the clip altoghter. This time this happend in xdcam broweser aswell wich is the software fom sony themselves for importing clips from camera. but if i change the name of the clip and impor then there seem to be no problem. what can be cause of this as it is hard to tell which clip im missing when there are more then 1000 clips on timeline