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    Quadro V Geforce and Desktop V Mobile GPU

    Peter Studt Level 1

      I decided to list key specs in a table to plot the 'de-tuning' done to Mobile Graphics cards compared to their desktop twins. More specifically the differing amounts applied to GTX as compared to Quadro cards. I hope the table works ok, I'm a first time user of them .



      GTX 660GTX 660MQuadro K5000Quadro K5000M
      Memory Size2GB2GB0%4GB4GB0%
      Memory TypeGDDR5GDDR5
      Memory Interface192-bit128-bit33%256-bit256-bit0%
      Memory Bandwidth144.2GB/s64GB/s55.7%173GB/s96GB/s44.5%
      Cuda Cores96038460%1536134412.5%
      Max Power140W~50-75W*64-46%122W100W18%

      *nVidia do not list the Max Power Consumption where I was looking. If anyone can enlighten me please do! I have seen it guest at 50W and quoted as 75W at another site Here


      The cards I chose are arbitrary. The GTX660 because I am buying a laptop with this variant in and the K5000 because it was the only model I found showing in both categories. The values that are percentages show the amount of de-tuning.


      My conclusions from this are that Quadro cards are allowed to retain much of their performance in a laptop environement because they will be purchased by users less interested in Battery operation for their machine. The GTX is hit with the All-in-one watering down brush yet they still wish to use the same product number, implying similar high performance. Buyer do your research!


      Hope this is useful/interesting to someone.




      GTX 660, GTX 660M, Quadro K5000, Quadro K5000M

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          JEShort01 Level 4



          Thanks for the chart. It would be useful to add a row with "street price" for what each adds to the cost of a laptop.


          Selecting the Quadro K5000M over the base K3000M on Dell's M6700 configuration page adds $1340! Surely not a reasonable option for people like you looking for a $1500 laptop that will run Premiere Pro.



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            Peter Studt Level 1

            I'm assuming most are familiar with the premium charged for Quadro cards here are some prices I found. The Mobile versions are not so available obviously. I agree the cost does complete the picture, I will update the table.


            I found two Quadro K5000M on Ebay ~$2500

            also 2 GTX660M with only 1GB of memory though (yet more hobbling) $225 - $275

            then from Newegg there are 2 Quadro K5000  $1800 - $2000

            and countless GTX 660's Around $300

            More comparable to the Quadro card is the GTX 680 from Newegg ~$500

            and from Ebay GTX 680M $750 - $840


            I was trying to further understand the two Lenovo laptops at the top of the PPBM5 reults for laptops.


            Thanks Jim,


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              Peter Studt Level 1

              I couldn't edit the original table anymore so here it is modified.



              GTX 660GTX 660M
              GTX 680
              GTX 680M

              Quadro K5000Quadro K5000M
              Memory Size2GB2GB0%2-4GB4GB0%4GB4GB0%
              Memory TypeGDDR5GDDR5
              Memory Interface192-bit128-bit33%256-bit256-bit0%256-bit256-bit0%
              Memory Bandwidth144.2 GB/s64 GB/s55.7%192.2 GB/s115.2 GB/s40%173 GB/s96 GB/s44.5%
              Cuda Cores96038460%1536134412.5%1536134412.5%
              Max Power140W50-75W*64-46%195W100W49.8%122W100W18%
              Cost$300$225- 275
              ~$500$750- 840
              $1800- 2000~$2500


              Comparing the GTX680 with the Quadro K5000 tell a slightly different story. The GTX680M is the cheapest and the least 'hobbled' of the two, except where the power is concerned, which is a good thing no doubt .


              The question in my mind now is, does PPro take advantage of the GTX680M as well as it does the Quadro K5000M?

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Based on the memory bandwidth, the 680M should perform marginally better and prove a much better BFTB.

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                  Peter Studt Level 1

                  The 680M is the clear winner of those 3 GPU's. I guess we always knew that but it makes it somewhat clearer having them side by side.


                  I notice that there is a GTX 670MX and a GTX 675MX out now that have the square die of Kepler listed at nVidia, they have 960 Cuda Cores compared to the 336 and 384 of the Fermi equivalents. I found no prices except for for a MSI GT70 at Newegg. The GTX 660M is looking much more mid-range now.