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    NVidia Quadro K5000

    rowdybox Level 1



      I just acquired PNY Quadro k5000. Normally all the Quadro cards are directly supported and developped specifically for professional applications and All the Quadro cards are certified by Adobe.


      To my big surprise, when installed, neither AE CS6 or PPro CS6 recognized the card and wouldn't let me to use the Cuda or OpenCL features.


      What's happening? How can I get it to work? It's a lot of money we're paying for being actively pushed towards Quadro series which is essentially almost the same as Geforce, the only one significant difference being the driver. Then I see that latest Geforce (enthousiast level cards) are supported and latest professional card is not? Something's wrong 


      Can it be sorted out in some timely manner? I took a deep dive in amazing 3D features and new plugins for AE which are almost exclusively rely on Cuda/OpenCL and wouldn't want to go back to my Quadro 4000 card which was clearly underpowered to handle correctly those tasks.


      Of course I made my homework and did research over Internet extensively about the quastion, but everything that pops out is marketing. I did find a hack to enable some unsupported nvidia cards, but I don't want to screw my production system especially when I have one the best qualified cards for Adobe CS6.


      Thanks for any help.