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    Final animation not playing on some slides


      I'm using Presenter 8 with PPT 2010 but I've noticed that on some sldies with several animations, the final one or two are not playing.


      The animations have been set up to play on mouse click, and all are working ok in the standard PPT file. However, when I go to sync up the audio, the final one or two animations are not registering in Presenter as an event / marker.


      This isn't happening on every slide. Some are working fine.


      Any ideas?

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          mkalyanp Level 2



          There are 2 possibilities


          1. Animation on master slide

          Presenter does not support any animations on the master slide.

          As a result when you are syncing the animations on the master slides will turn up in the sync dialog and the last 2 animations wont turn up

          i.e. If you have 5 animations including 2 on master slides you will b able to see only 3 animations. So I request you to move the animations on the master/Layout slides onto the normal slides


          2. Animation on a group of images

          If you have a group of images and if they are not able to see the animations then please update presenter to vesion 8.0.1


          If your problem is neither of the above please share your presentation with me at mkalyanp@adobe.com