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    Choosing Products

      This may not be the proper place to ask these questions but I have been unable to get answers directly from adobe as the sales staff is not familiar with what their products do. I have sent countless emails and received 1 response which did not answer any of my questions. My goal is to find a developer who uses Flex2 and LiveCycle and/or Flex2 and ColdFusion who can explain what the differences are. For example Adobe has a Capture Product and so does LiveCycle so how do you determine which product group you want to do your development work in?

      I am interested in developing the following integrated web based paperless systems; inventory, quoting, invoicing, help desk, employee time tracking, accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger.
      The systems will have to mail invoices and receive check but I would like to capture exact images of what the system produces i.e. invoices etc. and receives i.e. checks received and emails as they pertain to changes in quotes.

      My overall goal is to build these applications for our company and then sell them as a web service from our servers or sell the products as individual or packaged solutions. My backend Database with be DB2 UDB, keeping in mind that I may need to have the application run on Oracle, MySQL or SQL Server.

      I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to pick the development tools. My background is in Oracle and ASP 3.0 (not .net). My first though is to use Coldfusion for the application development because it is a tag based language. Then I started looking at Flex 2. After a couple of calls to Adobe they suggested LiveCycle. Then someone else at Adobe said I should use Output designer / server. I have read the information on the Adobe site and I am not sure which product group would be best suited for developing the above applications.

      As this is a difficult topic to answer via a forum, I am looking for someone to either point me in the right direction or someone who is developing applications using Adobe products that I could contact via the telephone. If you can e-mail me privately with the best time to contact you. Thank you in advance for the response as I am lost at this point on which direction to go.

      Bob Balas