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    Relinking Deleted Audio to Clips


      Is there a way to relink deleted audio from clips that were unlinked from their audio tracks that were then deleted? so basically, if I have a clip, cut it and edit it, unlink the video and audio, delete the audio, and then later want to have the audio again. One way would be to drag in the clip, align it with the old clip, copy all edits and delete the old clip, but I have a lot of clips. I thought one option would be to open the .prproj file in a text editor and change it there, as this has saved me hours of work on other applications. Can't find any info though on the file structure, and I could spend the better part of 2 weeks hunting this one down. If anyone has a fix, I would very much appreciate it. And Alt-dragging the source clip from the bin onto the old clip does not bring in the audio.