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    Problems after re-authorizing


      After re-authorizing ADE 2.0 (after re-installing Win7) I have no problems with newly downloaded content.

      But I have two problems with ebooks previously downloaded:


      1. A book I finished reading cannot be returned to the Overdrive supported library. It says that the authorization is wrong.


      2. A book I downloaded from the Overdrive library on an unauthorized version won't copy to my Nook. It says I don't have authorization for the device. Newly downloaded content copies to the Nook without issue. I tried removing it from the library then deleting the book from the My Digital Editions folder and then re-downloading it from Overdrive. Overdrive won't let me download it saying it was previously loaned under a different authorization.


      Are there any remedies for these? The two books are going to sit until my loan period expires. So everyone suffers.

      I thought re-authorizing made everything the same? Apparently not. If not, what use is it? I'm sure that others have need to reinstall Window from time to time, either due to crashes, a new PC, etc. If these things happen while ebooks are on loan and re-authorization doesn't make everything the same then those books are useless.


      Can someone explain how all this works? Are the authorizations in the ebook files or elsewhere?  Does Overdrive record the PC authorization when a book is loaned? I'll be contacting my library's help desk about the Overdrive issue.


      Thank you.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          Library loans usually follow this script:


          You go onto the library's website, and log in with your user ID and



          You find an ebook that you want to read, and mark it on the library site so

          that they 'loan' it to you.  Your user ID, date of loan and date due to be

          'returned' are appended to the ebook.


          The library software then sends a small file to your computer, and attempts

          to activate ADE.  If it's successful, you'll get a screen asking you to

          'OPEN' or 'SAVE' the ebook on your computer.


          You choose one of the options, ADE opens and acts according to your

          choice.  If your choice is 'OPEN', then the ebook will open in Reading

          mode, but won't be saved to the library.  If you choose 'SAVE', ADE will

          put the ebook into your library, but won't open it.


          What gets messed up is on your computer.  If you have registered with

          Adobe, and downloaded ADE with your Adobe ID, then ADE will be 'keyed in'

          on that ID, and will use it when processing ebooks that you download.  If

          you have registered your ereader with its parent site, then the ereader can

          be used with ADE.  It helps a LOT if your ereader is registered with your

          Adobe ID.


          If you've manipulated an ebook with an unregistered copy of DE, then you're

          going to have issues related to authorization.  And that becomes even worse

          with loaned library ebooks.


          There's no easy way out.  ADE keeps track of stuff it works on and uses

          your ID to do that.  If you haven't authorized ADE with your Adobe ID, then

          whatever ID has been used is used to track the stuff.  That could be the

          one from the library or possibly the one from your ereader, depending on

          how you've done this.  It's a mess.


          There are instructions in the ADE help file on how to do this the right

          way, but they may not help you now.....



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            ellaryk Level 1

            That makes sense.  I noticed something in one of the error boxes. It appears that when you authorize ADE, a unique id is generated that is different then when I first authorized ADE using the same ID. That ID must be appended to the ebook file when the book is downloaded. This would explain why I couldn't return the ebook borrowed with the first version I had and would also explain why it wouldn't let me re-download the book I had checked out previously under the unauthorized version.


            I agree it's a mess. I understand they are trying to prevent copying these books. But I think they've gone much to far.

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              Frustrated in AZ Level 4

              One word - Exactly!


              Whether DE has 'gone too far' is subjective.  They've implemented the

              industry standard their way.  Amazon did it a different way, and so did

              Apple.  SONY, B&N and KOBO have done it also, but they're much more aligned

              with the way Adobe did it.


              Also, other products, such as Overdrive (used by libraries!!!), Bluefire

              Reader and Calibre to name three, have implementations that will safeguard

              copyrights in other ways.  Wait until you run into a DRM-protected ebook

              that won't let you copy it from the computer to your ereader....  One word

              - Frustrating!