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    Problems after re-authorizing


      After re-authorizing ADE 2.0 (after re-installing Win7) I have no problems with newly downloaded content.

      But I have two problems with ebooks previously downloaded:


      1. A book I finished reading cannot be returned to the Overdrive supported library. It says that the authorization is wrong.


      2. A book I downloaded from the Overdrive library on an unauthorized version won't copy to my Nook. It says I don't have authorization for the device. Newly downloaded content copies to the Nook without issue. I tried removing it from the library then deleting the book from the My Digital Editions folder and then re-downloading it from Overdrive. Overdrive won't let me download it saying it was previously loaned under a different authorization.


      Are there any remedies for these? The two books are going to sit until my loan period expires. So everyone suffers.

      I thought re-authorizing made everything the same? Apparently not. If not, what use is it? I'm sure that others have need to reinstall Window from time to time, either due to crashes, a new PC, etc. If these things happen while ebooks are on loan and re-authorization doesn't make everything the same then those books are useless.


      Can someone explain how all this works? Are the authorizations in the ebook files or elsewhere?  Does Overdrive record the PC authorization when a book is loaned? I'll be contacting my library's help desk about the Overdrive issue.


      Thank you.