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    Paragraph breaks without reason

    SimonLinden Level 1

      I'm working on a book in CS6. I have quite a lot of experience using older versions of InDesign but I just got CS6 so that's new to me. I'm using "keep options" for my body text paragraph style and it's set not to break the paragraph with less then 2 lines in beginning and end of paragraph to avoid orphans/widows. However, for some reason the paragraphs break at a number of places before the last two lines even though there's plenty of space on the current page.


      I'm also using footnotes and set it to leave at least 3 mm space above the footnotes. I thought that this might cause issues but removing the footnotes doesn't do anything so I guess it has nothing to do with it.


      Disabling keep options fixes the problem though it leaves me with loads of orphans/widows in the whole book that I'll have to fix manually. I tried creating a separate paragraph style without keep options and apply it only to the paragraph styles that are causing issues. This doen't help though, instead these paragraphs are broken before the single last line.


      Below is a screenshot of what I'm describing. Does any one have any idea on what might be happening and how to resolve it?