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    Flexicious Ultimate DataGrid nextLevelRenderer and Locked Columns


      I have a question in regards to the behavior of the Ultimate Flexicious DataGrid and nextLevelRenderers.


      I am able to easily get a nextLevelRenderer on my DataGrids by doing code like this:

      var flexDataGridColumnLevel:FlexDataGridColumnLevel = new FlexDataGridColumnLevel();

      flexDataGridColumnLevel.columns = columns;


      flexDataGridColumnLevel.nextLevelRenderer = new ClassFactory(ExampleNextLevelRenderer);


      So this will create a nextLevel under my rows.


      The problem I'm noticing is that when I have locked columns in my DataGrid the nextLevelRenderer doesn't span the full distance of the row. It doesn't go under the locked columns.


      I don't want this behavior. I want the nextLevel to span the entire width of the row regardless of whether or not columns are locked. How can I accomplish this?


      Thank you!