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    Is it possible to place hidden text "behind" or within a jpg image?


      I am using RH 9 to write and edit a user help manual. All the help topics must be searchable from within the Help contents in the application.

      One such topic is Keyboard Shortcuts. The problem is that this topic is a JPG image, so it's not possible to search from it within the Help Contents and Index.


      From my work with MS Word, I know how to place hidden text (transparent) in a textbox behind an image, which would enable a search. Basically, I'd type "Keyboard Shortcut" into the textbox, paste it behind the JPG image, so that when a user types that term in the Search field, they are directed to the location of the JPG.  Can I accomplish this, or the equivalent, in RH9?


      The only other option I can think of is to type the list of shortcuts out, but that's inefficient and time consuming.


      If anyone has any other suggestions for making the JPG (or at least the term "Keyboard Shortcuts") searchable, I'd appreciate it.

      I know MS OneNote allows users to search for text within images.