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    Hard Disk Setup for Video Editing


      Dear Forum.


      My name is Tom Woods and I was hoping that you may be able to advise me or point me in the right direction, in regards to the question below....


        : ) Im not sure if you are in this area or not, my apologies to you if this is the case.. Here goes..


      I'm thinking of getting Adobe Production Premium installed where ill be using Photoshop, After Effects, and Premier Pro, and need some advice on my current Disk Setup to maximize performance to work with editing HD 1080i video.



      My question is;


      "Which of my internal 'Disks', do I assign the following processes to, these processes are;


      Photoshop: SCRATCH DISK

      After Effects:

      Premier Pro:
      SCRATCH DISK Captured Video  / SCRATCH DISK Captured Audio  / SCRATCH DISK Video Previews  / SCRATCH DISK  Audio Previews   




      And finally the recorded Video 'parts' ready for editing, and the 'previews', and then the 'saved project file'.



      My current Disk setup is:


      C: SSD - 90GB (quite full)


      D: SSD - still considering size to purchase


      E: SSD - still considering size to purchase


      F: HDD - 500 GB (currently used for all Video Parts and all work)



      *Also, for drives D & E, what 'SIZE' in GB would they need to be for assigning the Scratch, Cache and other files mentioned above? (when i purchase them)*



      If you can help me out with this it would be totally amazing, im really stuck and finding internet advice very unclear..


      I appreciate you will be busy but I thought I would try here first for some help! Thank you so much for reading this so far...


      My Best regards to you



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Start at http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere and select the Hardware sub-forum

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

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              P910607 Level 1

              Hi there Mr Millaard. Thank you for picking up the thread and writing back in regards to the problem. I saw your guideline a few days ago, but the problem is that I am still unclear as the the link between the terminologies used and 'my knowledge' of the work I carry out at the moment. Its all new to me and im just getting the hang of it.


              What Im trying to work out, is what 'kind of files', would go on certain-disks, for best performance when using premeier pro, ill try my best to illustrate where I am at the moment. My disk setup is currently:


              C: SSD (nearly full 20GB left) 500mb/s

              D: SSD (empty) 500mb/s

              E: SSD (empty) 500mb/s

              F: HDD (Storage for all work, files, pictures, general Pc stuff) 7200rpm


              Im really struggling to work out 'where' to store on these drives, the follwing files, these are;


              1. All the video 'bits', recorded seperately, which I will edit and cut and put together in Premier Pro. (termed as 'assets'?)

              2. Premier refers to a 'Media Cache and Media Files' Database.

              3. Premier Scratch; for Captured 'Video - Audio' (im unsure what 'captured' means)

              4. Premier Scratch; for Video - Audio, 'Previews'

              5. The 'Save-As' file, where ill click to save the project every time i close Premier.

              6. The final 'exported file' for the final render? (My HDD i considered here, but its the slowest of the 4 drives)


              7. (Finally, when using Photoshop - 'Scratch Disk' / and After Effects 'Disk Cache', which drives can i also assign these to?)


              I applogise for the rudimentary knowledge on my behalf, but im a quick learner, just in need of the correct guidance. Its hard to balance the terminology sometimes with clear direction.


              If you possibly can help in aligning the above, it would be much appreciated and warmly welcomed Mr Millaard..


              Thank you again in advance for your time and efforts


              Best regards, Tom Woods

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                Harm Millaard Level 7



                Let's start with the terminology. Once you understand that, things will become a lot easier.


                MEDIA: Name for all the raw material you shot, whether video or pictures or audio recordings. It does not matter whether this was captured from tape based video cameras, or imported from card or disk based cameras.


                MEDIA CACHE: When Media are imported into a project, PR automatically creates three kind of files that are stored in the location you set up in the Preferences. They are .IMS files or indexed files, .CFA or conformed audio files and last .PEK files, that display the audio waveform in the timeline.


                MEDIA CACHE DATABASE: Also automatically created by PR and contains pointers to the files in the Media Cache.


                Note that occasionally the Media Cache and Media Cache Database can become corrupted and in that case it is a good idea to Clean the Media Cache from Preferences. When opening a project indexing, conforming and generation of PEK files is automatically done. Just be a bit patient for that process to finish.


                PREVIEWS: Also called RENDER files. When you render a timeline to turn the red bar into a green bar for preview purposes, PR stores .XMP files in the PRV directory location you have set in the Project Settings.


                Media files are typically very large and require a good sustained sequential read speed. Once ingested (imported or captured) they remain unchanged, because PR is a non-destructive editor. On the one hand this makes a SSD an ideal type of disk, because it is only reading the media files and not writing, but the size may be the limiting factor.


                Media cache files are typically small and many, so here sustained R/W transfer rates are important, making it less than ideal to put them on a SSD, because the major drawback of SSD's is their limited and finite number of writes.


                Now Tom, to your specific situation:


                C: SSD for OS & programs.

                D: HDD for media and projects (because of the size of the media and frequent changes in projects).

                E: SSD for static page-file and exports.

                F: SSD for media cache and previews, although a HDD may give you better life expectancy but also slower performance.


                Maybe this article can be helpful as well, because it shows the impact of codecs on your system: Adobe Forums: What PC to build? An update...


                You may have to get additional HDD's for raid configuations, if you edit 4K material or 422 material, because it is all about transfer rates.


                To give you a rough indications of what you can expect from your drives, I suggest you get HD Tune Pro to test for yourself, but here are some indicative figures:


                SSD: R around 450 MB/s, W around 300 MB/s, depending on the brand/model in steady state with SATA 6G. SATA 3G is far slower. Sandforce controllers may top out around 250 MB/s W.


                HDD: R around 150 MB/s, W around 140 MB/s

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                  bjkat81 Level 1

                  I get the idea of the page-file drive, but what do you mean by "exports", what type of documents or media go in here?  Is this where your final video from media encoder should be sent to?  Is there efficiency in having this in a different location than your project and media files?