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    Running an InDesign project on SharePoint

    Northern Anorak



      Could I ask if it's possible to run a production workflow by storing and using Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 documents on Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 internet-based document management platform?


      Looking through these forums, and the web generally, there seems to be a fair bit of discussion about this but not much in the way of a definitive answer (possibly because it's not possible?).


      We are looking to put together a large tender document, several thousand pages in length, using the Creative Suite as our back-end production tool. All the initial work will be done by our technical authors largely using the Microsoft Office suite of applications. As they are using SharePoint to work on their files, we would like to do the same for our Creative Suite documents.


      Traditionally, the problem has always been document linking. As SharePoint saves the files in an internet-based environment, placing a linked Illustrator or Photoshop file within InDesign is not possible, as ID cannot see the url-based path link. However, many years ago, we used Adobe FrameMaker (which is like a cut-down version of InDesign and also relies on linked files for laying out pages) on our SharePoint 2003 platform. Our IT department made the site/server web-dav compatible and suddenly we could see all the linked files just like everything was stored on a "normal" shared drive. About eighteen months later the department decided to disable web-dav compatibility - we still don't know why - and this facility was lost. Surely eight years later this must be possible within InDesign?


      We don't want to do anything fancy, just link other files to InDesign and then eventually export to PDF. Having all the check in/check out  and version history features of SharePoint available would be nice but they're not essential. What I've outlined is now possible in the Adobe Creative Cloud (I think), so surely some clever person has thought up a way of doing this in SharePoint as well?


      If anyone could provide any input on this matter I would be most grateful. As always, thanks in advance for any and all advice offered.