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    Changing the length of the video?


      Is there any way to change the length of the video but so every element of it is in the same order and same ratio? For example a option to increase everything in length by 20% or 50% or something?


      I am working with cs5 by the way


      Many Thanks in advance




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          Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2

          Select all your layers and choose Composition -> Pre-compose which

          will move everything into a new composition. You can then stretch that


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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Do you mean speed up or slow down the video? If so you can do that several ways. The easiest way is to click the third icon from the left at the bottom of the timeline. It looks like this: {} This enables the duration column. Select all the video layers you want to change and then click and drag the Stretch value.


            You can then change the Frame Blending modes to come up with the best option for your video. Find Frame Blending under the Layer Menu or by Right Clicking in the Timeline panel on a video layer. The best frame blending mode depends on the action happening in your frame. You'll have to do some experimenting to see what is best. Stepping through the video a frame at a time will give you an idea, but only rendering at full rez will let you know how the re-timed video will look at playback.


            If your layers contain text or other animations then re-timing this way will not change the animation. You'll have to pre-compose.


            If you want to retime an entire comp then just nest the comp in another comp and retime the comp layer. Time Remapping offers more options than Stretch....

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              jackc2107 Level 1

              Thanks for the suggestion. I selected everything (ctrl A) under the "main" tab i then went layer<pre-compose as i couldn't find it under composition. I was forced to select "move all attributes into the new composition".


              I am now left with a tab called "pre-comp 1" that looks identical to how my "main" tab was in the first place. My "main" tab has now consolidated all the files into one file called pre-comp 1 but I cannot stretch it to increase the size.


              Sorry if there is a very easy solution to this but I only know the basics of after effects.


              Once again thanks in advance fo any help

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                jackc2107 Level 1

                @ Rick


                Thanks for the suggestion but when i try this the layers start to overlap, i could edit all of this manually but i am working with over 1,000 seperate files so i am looking for a quicker fix. Is it possible to change increase all the in, out and duration by the same ratio all at once?

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                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  I take it that you're working with video layers where you've set an in and out point. Stretch changes the length of the clip. The in and out points are set as frames so when you stretch the length the in and out points move. If the layers are staggered then the relative in and out points will shift.


                  Your only option is to pre-compose all of the footage and stretch that.

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                    jackc2107 Level 1

                    Yes the layers have a set in and out point. I think i have now solved it using a combination of both of your answers so thanks for the input. I pre-composed it as stated in the first reply and then selected this {} button and increased the duration. It looked fine from the preview but I am rendering now so will be able to tell fully in a bit.