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    Edge Inspect - Hosting providers blocking access?


      Hostgator is my hosting provider, and it seems that they are blocking access to my site URLs when I use Adobe Edge Inspect on multiple devices. Is it possible that they are detecting this access from multiple devices to same URL at the same time from the same IP as an attack? One device will load the page, then the rest will be blocked.


      Adobe - please work with major hosting providers to ensure there are exceptions given for the Adobe Edge Inspect usage scenarios, otherwise it severely reduces the value of the product.

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          Mark_Rausch Adobe Employee

          We haven't heard of anything like this before. Some questions:


          1. How many devices are you using when this happens?
          2. Is it always the same device that successfully reaches the site, or does it vary from one to another?
          3. What's the error you see on the devices when they can't reach your site? Can you post a screenshot of it?
          4. We don't have any special access to Hostgator and don't know any of your account details. Can you try checking with them so they can check the logs for your account and confirm that's what the issue is? If you can confirm with them and provide a contact number we'd be happy to try and work out a solution with them to avoid this issue.