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    Offline form in iPad DPS App that stores data and then sends when connected to internet

    ROJ Design

      Hi there,


      I've built an "app" using InDesign and DPS. Great, whiz bang 360 spins, video, etc, etc but at the end I would like to have a form to record the users experience on the ipad or to record their experience of an event where the iPad was used. I have created a form in Acrobat XI, exported to FormCentral as a trial, linked to the form using a web frame within InDesign and then exporting out with DPS. App works fine, can see form, enter data and submit, check data via FormCentral admin system, all good.


      However, is it possible to create the same app that works identically offline? I know the whiz bang stuff will work as it's built into the standalone app. I guess the html form will need to be stored locally, when a user submits the form it needs to write to the iPad and store locally and if/when the iPad makes a connection to the internet it can send the stored local data upto FormCentral for processing. The form would be filled in by multiple users at different times.


      From trawling the web I can see forms can write locally to the iPad but then I also see pages of code, my eyes glaze over and I run for the hills. I just wondered if there was an easy solution? If not, can this be raised as an item in the wishlist for both FormCentral/DPS/Indesign? A nice clicky interface for us "non-coding" designers.


      Any help would be most appreciated,