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    Need Help with Fonts on Epub export

    jaal Level 1

      I'm having a great deal of trouble embedding fonts in ePubs exported from ID CS6. I have exported this doc several times with many results, but none correct. One that had the most fonts showing correctly seems to be entirely different from the ones that are entirely wrong, showing no fonts.


      The best one, I exported and opened in Sigil:

      it shows 2 css stylesheets (page_styles.css and stylesheet.css)

      the font dir shows fonts without their correct names. They are named 00001.otf 00002.otf and so on

      the misc dir shows more fonts (they are type 1) named 00007.dat and so on

      the chapter files are .html


      This file is 2.7 megs


      The others (bad) are also exported from IDCS6

      these have 1 stylesheet named after the doc file name

      the fonts have the correct font file names and are .otf and .ttf files

      the chapter files are .xhtml

      These files are up to 15 megs



      All of these files display ok on the Sigil viewer, but the resulting epub viewed on a iPad loses the fonts. And when converted in Calibre for use on Kindle Fire fonts also go away, in fact even though the css has serif as the fallback, on the Fire the book displays in sans serif.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!