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    The AE color space - helpful plain english info

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      Below is some information in PLAIN english that someone may find helpful when trying to figure out how to set the color space.


      Since I have NO POINTS, I'm posting it below as a reply in hope that if you find it useful you will give me a "Helpful" check.



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          Assigning a color profile ensures your creation looks the some on multi-platforms.


          Setting the Working Space is not what is output during rendering, it just gets all compositions in the project to be uniform.


          You can’t output a color profile unless you set up a project color profile in the first place.


          In the PROJECT working space section:

          sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is good for web video, especially if cartoony

          HDTV (Rec. 709) is good for High Def TV,  the ext. 16 - 235 is about making sure your colors are broadcast safe


          NOTE: If you are using 32 bits per channel engage the Blend Color Using 1.0 Gamma


          Then in the Render Queue Output Module click on the render setting, set the main options, and in the Color Management Tab set the Profile.


          NOTE: An output like Quicktime Movie does not allow a profile to be embedded because it believed to be a “final”, where as for example Tiff Sequence is thought to be used again in a project, and the Embed Profile is selectable.


          I Hope this was a little helpful