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    Change Formatting of Footnote Indicator when Exporting EPUB, how? CS6

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      Well, it's all quite impressive so far. CS6 ePub capabilities are miles

      ahead of CS4, my last version, that's for sure.


      One thing I'm stuck on, though, is how to change the formatting of

      footnote indicators when exporting an ePub from InDesign.


      No matter what I do, when the ePub is viewed in ADE, the footnote

      indicator in the text comes out in blue, raised, and underlined. Also,

      it screws up the leading of the paragraph line it's on -- because the

      digit is raised, there line spacing above that line becomes bigger.


      I've tried applying a charater style in InDesign to footnote indicators,

      and I've played around with the settings in Document Footnote Option,

      but no joy so far. It's always raised, blue, and underlined.


      Anyone know how contorl the footnote indicator formatting in an exported

      ePub without opening up the ePub in an external editor?