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    Losing image when exporting from CS5 to PDF


      Hi All!


      I am working off of a file that was sent to me by our designer. I made a few small changes to some text and went to export to PDF and one (and only one) of my images is lost in the PDF!


      The image was originally embedding in a .idml (mark up) file when it came from the graphic designer. I worked in that file and saved it as an .indd file (CS5) and exported. I then tried to delete the file and link it, no go. Re-embed it, still nothing. I've now tried exporting it once again to .idml and exporting to PDF with no success.


      I then went in, opened the original .idml file and exported to PDF without making any changes and I'm still losing the image! My graphic designer is able to export just fine on his end (I'm pretty sure he's working on CS6) and we've had the peice printed once already, so I know it's something going array on my end.


      I've also tried changing various export settings with no luck. What am I missing here?


      Thanks in advance for your help!